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Clematis x vedrariensis ‘Hidcote’ returns to Hidcote Manor Gardens

Friday 13th October 2006

Val took Clematis x vedrariensis ‘Hidcote’ – Montana group, back to Hidcote Manor Gardens on Friday 13th October. This plant was a cutting taken by Marcus Dancer in June 2006. Hidcote Manor had lost their original plant some years ago and are thrilled to have a replacement in time for it to flower during their centenary year in 2007.

Glyn Jones, Hidcote Manor Head Gardener, is also wanting the return of the late flowering, large flowered Clematis ‘Hidcote Purple’. Val is currently searching for this plant. If you have it or know someone else that does, please contact Val urgently. There is a reward offered for information leading to its return – a personally conducted tour of the Hidcote Manor Gardens by Head Gardener, Glyn Jones.



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